Saturday, November 3, 2012

Three Suns In The Sky

   Have you ever wondered if there have ever been three suns in the sky? Well for those people who wish to know that it is possible I have the answer. It is in every way possible. So possible that it makes perfect sense.
   On a nice, clear morning with wispy cirrus clouds, you might catch a glimpse of three suns in the sky. DON"T PANIC! Everything is perfectly normal. The explanation is simply that the sun's light passes through the cirrus clouds or other cold weather, which act as a prism, and on certain days, when the ice crystals are vertically aligned, the sun is refracted horizontally. This causes the three suns, or sun dogs as scientists call them, to appear. The closer they are to the sun the redder they appear. The farther the suns move away from the real sun they start to change color. This phenomenon can happen any time of the year.
   These sun dogs have been reported throughout history. Aristotle claimed to see them. The suns have always appeared and will continue to appear. This ends the phenomenon of sun dogs, remember: WATCH THE SKIES!

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